What Roseburg Crawl Space Encapsulation Can Do for You

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There is no doubt that Roseburg crawl space encapsulationis one of the most important things you can do for your home. In order to understand its importance, however, you must first understand the function of your crawl space and the risks that it faces. First of all, there are a number of types of crawl spaces. Some consist of narrow openings built into the walls of your home. These are used for storage and to give easy access to your house’s pipes and wires. In most cases, however, this type of crawl space does not need to be encapsulated.


The second type of crawl space is the type that you need to be concerned about. This type of crawl space is built into the foundation of the house and is the perfect candidate for Roseburg crawl space encapsulation.Like the crawl spaces in your walls, it can be used to gain easy access to pipes, wires and foundational elements. This type of space is generally left unfinished and uninsulated, leaving it at risk for moisture-related problems such as mold, mildew and rot which can in turn attract pests such as termites and carpenter ants.


Roseburg crawl space encapsulation is a relatively new procedure that can help protect your crawl spaces indefinitely. As its name suggests, encapsulation involves sealing the crawl space off completely from both the outside air and the ground below. This prevents moisture seeping in from the ground and it helps stop condensation from forming due to heat and humidity from the air outside.


Roseburg crawl space encapsulation uses a number of techniques to seal of the crawl space. First, the dirt floor is drained and conditioned, to help lead moisture away from the building. Next, a vapor barrier is installed. This is made of large poly sheets, held together with mastic tape and fastened to the walls with mechanic fasteners. Some systems include special strips and caps that aid in the detection of ants and termites. Finally, a conditioning system is installed to pull fresh air in from the rest of the house and keep the air cool and dry.


Encapsulation may sound simple, but it is important to make sure that your system is installed by a professional. Some conditioning systems can emit carbon monoxide if improperly installed and even a small gap in the vapor barrier can ultimately seal moisture in instead of out. TerraFirma offers expert encapsulation services in the Roseburg area. Call today to make an appointment for Roseburg crawl space encapsulation and to ensure that your home is protected.

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