Resolving Foundation Settlement Issues in Roseburg OR

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TerraFirma Foundation Systems can repair Foundation Settlement in Roseburg, ORIncreasing the value of your home is something every home owner looks to accomplish at an almost obsessive level. Seeing things like large and increasing cracks in drywall and significant Roseburg foundation settlement can feel like getting the wind slowly knocked out of you. There are solutions out there for any situation and can the range of accomplishing your home goals is vast thanks to TerraFirma’s foundation stabilization


The home owner here was looking to add another bathroom onto his home to increase the resale value. Over the years he recognized significant settlement right where he was planning to make the addition. By the time he took the situation more seriously, that particular portion of the foundation had settled nearly 2.5″. This is obviously not suitable conditions for home addition, so he called us out to stabilize and hopefully lift the foundation back level with the adjacent part of the home.

Roseburg, OR Foundation Push Piers

Foundation Repair with Push Piers in Roseburg OR From TerraFirmaWhen attempting to stabilize and lift, in general, there are two options; helical piles and hydraulic push piers. Because the structure being cared for was a heavier structure (foundation) push piers were the better option and gave us and the home owner the best opportunity to stabilize and hopefully lift. If the structure was lighter (pillars, decks, chimneys) helical piles would have been a better option. The installation process is quicker as well, because we did not have to bring in any heavy equipment.

After our site preparation and installation we were able to help the customer achieve the goals for his home; Stabilize and lift the foundation closer to level with the rest of the home. The customer is now able to make his addition and put his house on the market at a higher price.

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