Roseburg Mudjacking Company Helps to Level Problem Concrete Slabs

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In many cases, a concrete slab floor remains practically level for the entire life of a home. However, in certain circumstances, the support system under the slab can be unstable causing the concrete to remain level no longer. Incidents such as a broken water supply line or seasonal changes that affect the volume of underlying soil, especially those with high clay content can affect the level of the home. If your southern Oregon home is no longer level, a Roseburg Mudjacking company can help to restore it to a stable condition.


The Roseburg mudjacking company uses a process where a slurry of water, dirt and cement are pumped under the concrete slab to restore it to its former level condition. The exact contents of the slurry can vary from one home to another. The mixture is calculated to remedy the concrete considering the individual problems found at the home. This process can be used to restore settled foundations; repair curbs that are starting to crumble and restore sidewalks that have failed. Other names for the process include slabjacking, pressure grouting and concrete leveling.


There are many reasons that concrete sinks or settles as time passes. If the contractor installing the original concrete did not compact the underlying soil, the slab can begin settling within just a few years. In some locations, such as those on slopes, soil erosion can be a contributing factor, especially if the ground becomes saturated during the winter season due to several months of near continual rain. In addition, there is natural settling of the ground over time that often results in problems noted once the home reaches the seven to ten year mark in age. Once the slab begins to settle, tilt or sink, it can create walking hazards, affect water runoff and create major issues with the foundation of the home. At that time, the help of the Roseburg mudjacking company can help to resolve the issues.


The process used by the Roseburg mudjacking company is relatively simple. First, the contractor will drill small holes in the slab the needs to be lifted. The slurry is pumped into those holes using pressure so any existing gaps are filled. Once the gaps have filled, the slurry will be under pressure and will hydraulically lift the slab back to its original height. Finally, the contractor will fill the holes drilled into the slab using a concrete mixture.


If you are starting to notice cracks above doors and windows in the home that reappear no matter how you try to repair them, the problem may be caused by the slab floor of your home settling. A Roseburg mudjacking company can provide the help to restore your home to level.

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