Roseburg Underpinning Contractor Saves Homes

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Many Douglas county homes were built with inadequate foundations. Over time, the high clay content soil of the area can move resulting in an unstable foundation. The hot summers can cause cracks and further movement. Add a plumbing leak under the floor and the home is headed for disaster. A Roseburg underpinning contractor can help to save a home that is having problems due to an inadequate or failing foundation.


Underpinning is a process that can stabilize a foundation that is no longer doing its job. The Roseburg underpinning contractor can accomplish this task in several ways, including construction of additional footings, drilled piers or driven pilings. The purpose of underpinning is to secure the foundation to deeper layers of the earth beneath the home. The process can stop walls from separating and restore integrity to the home.


Soil moisture changes can be devastating to many home foundations. During the wet Oregon winters, as the soil takes on moisture it expands. This results in lifting the outer edges of the home and floor. Winters may cause the slab to form a dish like shape where the center of the home is lower than the edges. In the hot summers, the drying of the soil can have just the opposite effect. Dry soil shrinks and the outer edges of the home drop to a lower level while the center remains in place, creating a dome like structure. Over time, the seasonal changes can results in cracks in the foundation, floor and walls. The Roseburg Underpinning contractor understands this process, its effect on your home and methods to repair the foundation to stop the problem from occurring.


The Roseburg Underpinning contractor will begin by evaluating your foundation problem. The contractor will determine the best method of preventing further damage as well as how to repair damage that has already occurred. In some cases, the underpinning may be needed on one corner of the home or along a single wall. In other cases, the best remedy will be to provide underpinning to the entire home.


If you notice cracks in the foundation, floors, walls or ceilings of your home, it may be time for some repairs. Unfortunately, attempts by homeowners to repair these problems usually fail because there is a deeper problem lying with the home’s foundation. A Roseburg underpinning contractor offers the help needed to prevent further damage to the home and stabilize the foundation.

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