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Resolving Foundation Settlement Issues in Roseburg OR

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Increasing the value of your home is something every home owner looks to accomplish at an almost obsessive level. Seeing things like large and increasing cracks in drywall and significant Roseburg foundation settlement can feel like getting the wind slowly knocked out of you. There are solutions out there for any situation and can the […]

Roseburg Underpinning Contractor Saves Homes

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Many Douglas county homes were built with inadequate foundations. Over time, the high clay content soil of the area can move resulting in an unstable foundation. The hot summers can cause cracks and further movement. Add a plumbing leak under the floor and the home is headed for disaster. A Roseburg underpinning contractor can help […]

Roseburg Mudjacking Company Helps to Level Problem Concrete Slabs

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In many cases, a concrete slab floor remains practically level for the entire life of a home. However, in certain circumstances, the support system under the slab can be unstable causing the concrete to remain level no longer. Incidents such as a broken water supply line or seasonal changes that affect the volume of underlying […]

Roseburg Foundation Repair Company Can Diagnose and Fix Foundation

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A wide variety of problems related to building foundations can be solved by a call to a Roseburg foundation repair company. Problems with the foundation of a building can cause windows and doors to stick, floors to slope, water to seep into basements or drywall to crack. Identifying the problem is paramount to providing the […]

What Roseburg Crawl Space Encapsulation Can Do for You

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There is no doubt that Roseburg crawl space encapsulationis one of the most important things you can do for your home. In order to understand its importance, however, you must first understand the function of your crawl space and the risks that it faces. First of all, there are a number of types of crawl […]

Why Hire The Roseburg Concrete Foundation Repair

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Problems affecting basements and foundations are very common. They may range from cracks, leveling to fissures that let out water. It happens that people get pressed with such problems and start doing something by themselves. It is great to be creative, but there is a creativity that has to go with a lot of caution. […]

The Best Foundation Crack Repair Roseburg

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The foundation of a house is one of its most important feature. Once a foundation is destroyed, there are virtually no chances of the house standing up. That is why people start getting wired up and restless when they begin to see cracks on their foundation. The tendency is to start inventing something, doing some […]

The Benefits Of Basement Waterproofing Roseburg

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Basement waterproofing Roseburg may not be the most common task, but it is quite important. Basements are notoriously prone to water damage, and the price of cleaning up such damage can be quite surprising. If you want to avoid such financial losses, you should consider having waterproofing services undertaken at your home.   The process […]